The eyes

The eyes

Eyeliner (upper and lower)

Permanent eyeliner creates a sharper and deeper look. It also gives the impression of thicker lashes. The skin on the external side of the upper eyelid is four times thicker than the rest of the eyelid. It thus requires more attention and application of pigments in order to get the desired result.

The layout of the eyebrows

Retouching the brow line gives character to the face. The shape of the eyebrows is restored by rebalancing the density or by compensating for the loss of hair, for example, following chemotherapy treatment. By drawing one hair at a time and using three shades of colours to give the hair a shading effect, the result is completely natural. It also makes it possible to simulate the effect of a face-lift while elevating the line, which has begun to sag, giving it new height.

Eyebrows, hair by hair

This process is used to intensify the look by lash thickening. In order to obtain a natural appearance, the process requires several stages and great meticulousness. We start with the lower lash line, from the inside outward, taking care to connect each lash very precisely. It is the same for the upper lashes, where we begin with the inside working towards the tip. Moreover, we thicken the tip in order to give the slight effect of a face-lift.