What is “capillary micro-pigmentation”?

Capillary micro-pigmentation is an innovative technique that allows for the camouflaging of baldness, alopecia or scars. It is less expensive than inserting capillary implants. This technique consists of tattooing small areas of the scalp, imitating the roots of the hair in order to: – give the impression of volume, – redesign the implantation for men who are bald and want to give the impression of short, shaved hair, – camouflage a scar following a face-lift, an accident or first generation hair implants. For aesthetic reasons, the ink used will fade over a period of time. In fact, with hair colour changing due to aging and certain areas still being able to thin out, it would not be wise to use permanent tattooing ink.

Is capillary micro-pigmentation safe?

It is a very safe and nonabrasive procedure. You will be able to continue your activities as soon as you leave the treatment room. Our needles are single-use and disposable. The pigments used are anti-allergens. The treatment room and the equipment are sterilized and disinfected before and after each treatment. As the pigment is not inserted very deeply into the scalp, the risk of infection is practically nonexistent.

Why choose capillary micro-pigmentation?

Micro-pigmentation of the scalp is an interesting choice because it offers a fast solution that’s without any maintenance. The result is instantaneous. The process is undetectable and almost pain-free (slight tingling). Capillary micro-pigmentation is becoming increasingly popular around the world because it makes it possible to rebuild self-esteem and confidence in a fast and safe manner.

How many sessions are needed to obtain a final result?

In general, three sessions are needed to obtain complete pigmentation. Each treatment takes between three to five hours, according to the extent of the baldness. During the first session, a paler base colour will be applied to the area that will be treated. Two weeks later, a darker colour will be applied that will blend perfectly with your natural colour. The third session is not as long but still very important; it can take place between two weeks to one month later. This meeting is to check whether the pigment is well inserted into the scalp and whether it has aged as planned. During this last session, some final touch-ups can be performed, if necessary.

What should I expect after my session?

After each session, redness may be observed, which can persist up to 24 hours. The pigment will be darker during the first seven days. Small “incisions” will form above each tattooed follicle and they will absorb a certain percentage of colour. They will fall approximately seven days later in the form of a small black film; it is at this time that the true colour will appear. After each treatment, we ask you to not wash your head or shave your hair for a period of four days in order to avoid removing the pigmentation. An antibiotic ointment will be provided to you for quick healing.

Is this painful?

Some customers feel only a slight tingling whereas others experience a little more discomfort. It is a procedure that is not painful, but as it extends over more than one session, it can be slightly unpleasant, according to your degree of sensitivity.

Does the final result look natural?

Unless you talk about it, nobody will notice that it’s not your real hair, even up close. This will be your secret!

What will happen when my hair turns grey?

The pigment gradually fades over time. After about fifteen years or more, the pigment becomes increasingly pale and the colour will thus be blended with your grey hair. You can age calmly.

Does capillary micro-pigmentation last a lifetime?

Capillary micro-pigmentation is temporary (2 to 6 years) and varies over time according to your skin and the precautions you take to prolong the duration. Since the pigment is inserted shallowly to give a realistic look, it will be exfoliated gradually with time. When the colour starts to fade, touch-ups can be performed to prolong the desired effect.

What is the long-term maintenance?

Capillary micro-pigmentation requires very little maintenance. The sun is its main enemy. Get used to covering your head or apply a good sunscreen during prolonged exposure to the sun. During cold periods, we recommend hydrating your scalp with a suitable lotion once a week. Use a soft and hydrating shampoo at all times.


Even though you could experience some discomfort, topical anaesthetics will be applied to minimize any discomfort that can occur. Most clients say that the pain is minimal. Disclosure of any products or other medications that you are taking is essential before starting the procedure.


In my opinion, the safety of our clients is the most important factor in my practice. This means that all the instruments, such as tubes, needles, and supplies, are used only once; they are individually packed and disposable. All the pigments and supplies used during your procedure are disposed of afterwards. For that purpose, we adhere to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines regarding disinfection and sterilization within the medical environment.


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