Areola micropigmentation

image-777Re-pigmentation and permanent restoration of the areola and nipple

Restore your confidence! We offer solutions for you after breast surgery.

In fact, for women who have undergone a mastectomy or any other type of breast surgery, for those who have irregular areolae or who have experienced discolouration, these permanent breast restoration procedures represent a real medical miracle. Our techniques for re-pigmentation of the areola and nipples allow us to use micropigmentation as a way of restoring the natural beauty of your breasts while enabling you to re-establish confidence in your own femininity.

The technique for re-pigmentation of the areola reveals the aspect of medical tattooing, which requires higher education, training, and experience. These procedures ensure improvement of the appearance and self-esteem of women and men who have undergone breast surgery. Therefore, this technique allows us to “create” an areola after reconstruction of the breast, to minimize appearance of scars or to restore the areola’s more natural colour or modify its form.

After a mastectomy

In order to complete the breast reconstruction, many women choose medical tattooing as a way of recreating their nipples and areolas. We maintain a sound balance between our medical expertise and artistic talent by using cutting-edge technology to create the illusion of a 3-D areola and nipple complex.

Covering scars after breast surgery

In order to cover post-surgical scars that surround the areola after breast augmentation or reduction, the pigments are skillfully inserted throughout the entire areola. Additionally, the deformity of the areola caused by these surgical procedures can also be corrected in order to obtain a balanced look. Our cutting-edge techniques allow us to imitate and adapt to all skin tones regardless of your ethnicity.

Esthetic aspect


For men and women whose areolas are too pale, poorly defined, too small, or asymmetrical, medical tattooing offers you the opportunity to obtain a balanced form and the same colouration.

Extensive overview

Regardless of the problem, the first consultation is necessary. At this appointment, we will discuss the scope of the procedure, evaluate the colour options, talk about your anticipations, the precautions that should be taken, and the healing period. Taking into consideration the large spectrum of possibilities, we will advise you about the most suitable procedure.

It is likely that more than one treatment will be required in order to achieve the best results. Therefore, most clients can estimate from 2 to 3 appointments, according to their treatment plan, including touch-ups, which could be necessary. Because all permanent micropigmentation procedures fade with time, it is important to understand that a maintenance process may be necessary. The duration will vary depending on the pigmented area, sun exposure, the colour of the pigment, etc.


Micropigmentation is not a very invasive procedure. Therefore, it is possible to notice a light swelling and loss of fluids from the treated zone. Like any procedure where the skin has been broken, measures for avoiding infection are necessary, including keeping the area clean and avoiding gyms where germs are abundant, as well as exercising or activities that can provoke irritation of the area are prohibited.

Remember: at first, the treated area will seem darker and more distinctly coloured than when it heals. In fact, we estimate that this first colouration will fade up to 50%, merging with the rest of the skin over time. There should be a follow-up appointment at least three to six weeks after the initial procedure in order to provide enough time for healing. Avoid exposing the treated areas to the sun. Always apply a proper sunscreen.