Permanent make up

Micropigmentation, better known as permanent makeup, implies that it is no longer necessary to apply makeup every day. This does not exclude the fact that you can modify your makeup according to special occasions or events.

Why resort to micropigmentation?

Because it provides the opportunity to improve and balance your eyebrow lines, emphasize and illuminate your eyes, enrich the colour of your lips, enlarge or reduce the size of your lips, all while maintaining a natural look.

Moreover, permanent makeup allows those suffering from allergies or with reduced visual acuity to apply makeup in a completely natural way. Also, this saves a considerable amount of time and money!

Our technique, based on the use of thin needles, enables us to create an appearance of individual eyebrows. In addition, the pigment is not inserted as deeply as that of the full eyebrow technique. Consequently, occasional touch-ups are necessary when the pigment, which is deeply inserted, provides a solid and full eyebrow appearance.

For skin that has been exposed to the sun or for mature skin, we suggest a combined use of two techniques.

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